Personalized Markings

Personalized Markings

If you look very closely at the carvings on the bat, it is quite clear that underneath the Roman Numeral VI is the factory number 1 which represents the size of the bat.  Someone added a small zero 0 next to the 1 to make it a number 10.  So first a 10 on the bottom, then the roman numeral VI with an underline over the top and bottom as we do when writing roman numerals, at least that’s how I learned back then.

Now, if my friend is correct, who played and coached little league for a good part of his life, usually players put their jersey number on the bat.  Sometimes they changed jersey numbers for one reason or another, therefore, they would change the number on their bat.

 Using this theory, then it’s possible that someone in little league with jersey number 10, who later became jersey number 6 owned the bat.  Now if I had number 6, I wouldn’t put a 6 on the bat because when going up to bat you could mistakenly grab 9, even if it was underlined appropriately.  So it would make sense to put a roman numeral VI since it would make your bat easier to spot and grab.

Another possibility would be if someone inherited the bat from a brother who was #10 in little league and he was VI.

There is no doubt in my mind that these are the markings on the bat.